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"A voyage of documenting the journey through my visual artistic voice." - Wade

Hearne Fine Art

Portraits, Figurative, Landscapes and Still Life.  Contact Garbo Hearne - Director, to purchase Wade Hampton's artwork.  501-372-6822.

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Wade Hampton's artwork, photography and digital imagery, on greeting cards, canvas, home goods, apparel and accessories.  Click image to enter Store:

The 3D Gallery

A 3d virtual gallery of Wade Hampton's oil paintings and drawings. Contact Wade Hampton to purchase the artwork.  The gallery supports Safari, FireFox and Chrome desktop browsers.  Click image to enter Gallery:

Artwork In Printed Book

Printed hardback books showcasing Wade Hampton's artwork.  IF ORDERING TEN OR MORE, TYPE "WADE HAMPTON" IN THE "ADD SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS TO THE SELLER" SECTION. • Click Here To Purchase The Book

Landscapes and Still Life

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oil paintings featured in the book.  Click Here To View The Paintings And Acquire:

Commissioned Artwork

Contact Wade Hampton to create your next artwork for your home, business, office and special events.

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"There is a timing and rhythm that speaks a language only the body can communicate." - Wade

Dance Performances

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Dance Instruction

Book Wade Hampton for your next international, national and local, dance workshops and one-to-one instruction.  Click Image To Pay:

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Niagara Falls, Canada.

NYC Social Dance.

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Cirque du Soleil.

Golden Gate Bridge.

NYC Salsa/Cha-Cha, Footwork/Partnerwork Workshops.

The Journey

Birthed in the 'state' forged by Native Americans, civil war battles, blues and folk music, diamonds, and nine students that helped establish the spirit of the civil rights movement, Wade Hampton was provisioned with an inspiration that would lay claim to a unique journey of artistic declaration.

The history of the ‘Natural State’ broadened Wade’s view to seek education within the ‘Show-Me State’.  That which gave way to the lifestyle and culture of the ‘Big Apple’.  This ‘gateway to the world’ is where Wade honed his artistic talents on the canvas.  Leading him to an artisan’s approach towards his in-depth study of dance.  

The world-class museums, art galleries, highly-regarded dance and visual art institutions, catapulted what was already a burgeoning mind of creation and artistry.  Through this culture, he was introduced to the dance training, rehearsal and performance world of the NYC Caribbean, Latin and African dance communities.  As well, Wade participated in a profusion of visual art exhibitions throughout the metro area, towards the South and back to the Northeast. 

This experience and growth ushered Wade towards a new market within the West Coast, recognition within the Delta region, the Southwest art, dance and theatre clientele, the Latin, Caribbean, and African performance and social dance communities, and back and fourth from 'tha NYC', through the Northeast, and beyond!  Always in concept, always moving forward, Wade continues to evolve and 'Live' the journey...

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